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Latest News

  • Visual_publications_sophia_spring_019

    Where You Are: getting lost at Ace Hotel Shoreditch

    7 April 2014

    We’re still reeling a bit from last Wednesday night’s unveiling of our installation of Where You Are at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch in London.

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  • Wyainvite_blog

    VE at Ace Hotel Shoreditch

    20 March 2014

    We are exploding our book of maps, Where You Are, in the new London outpost of Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, working with their great “cultural engineer” (now there’s a fantastic title we would love to have thought of) Vickie Hayward to create a VE/Ace style literary conversation.

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  • Wir-magculture-pic

    Brewing, Brewing: Writers in Residence

    25 February 2014

    Whoa. Now there’s something we haven’t shared yet. It’s mega. And now feels a good time. We have a brand new set of books coming out this year. A set, originated by contemporary thinker Alain de Botton. A new set of books that live under the umbrella name Writers in Residence.

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  • Britt-warehouse

    Dear Readers

    28 January 2014

    “A beautiful calamity” is what Tom Uglow said when we told him we had completely sold out of Where You Are over the holidays. Oh. And running out of stock of Tree of Codes and Tristram Shandy All. At. The. Same. Time. One reader emailed us, understandably tired of having to wait 3 weeks for their copy of Where You Are to arrive and said this: “Don’t you care about your readers?!” Oh yes we do. We do we do we do we DO.

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  • Fraser-jake-remy

    Ding Dong Don

    19 December 2013

    It’s that time of year when we’re feeling exhausted. We’re emotional. And we’re incredibly grateful.

    We’ve been blown away by the response to Where You Are: printed book and its open access website. The amazing (and patient) writers, designers and programmers we’ve worked with have made our hearts throb and our brains ache.

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