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Latest News

  • Ace_20150601_bedtimestories41

    In Bed with Ace: London Launch

    18 June 2015

    We weren’t kidding when we said we’d have a bed in the lobby at Ace Hotel London for our Bedtime Stories launch night just over a week ago in Shoreditch. We listened to Zoe Pilger read from the bed about her claustrophobic fantasies, heard Joanna Walsh pretend to be a dog, and Will Self welcome the crowd by telling us he’d just seen “a man with his cock in one hand and his iPhone in the other” before reading out his raunchy red rubber tale, rounding off with an extra story. You know for the hell of it.

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  • Bs-radio_mockup

    Bedtime Stories on Ace Hotel Radios

    20 May 2015

    Ever wondered what it would be like to fall asleep to bedtime stories in London and wake up to stories in Los Angeles? As you know, we love to bring stories out to people in different ways and always try to create surprising and delightful reading experiences. In keeping with that, we’re very excited to announce Bedtime Stories, our new partnership with Ace Hotel.

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  • Img_5884

    Cyclone Sydney

    1 May 2015

    We’re back from spending a week with the Creative Lab guys in Sydney, complete with a healthy combination of Google brainwash and long haul jet lag. What a great trip we had, despite crossing over with the worst cyclone to hit the city for a decade. Some even said the worst in a century.

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  • Img_0005

    Editions at Play

    17 April 2015

    The realm of making digital books that are as playful and immersive as printed books are, is something we’ve been thinking about for a little while now. And we’re ridiculously excited to tell you, at long last, about our latest project Editions at Play, working with Universal Everything and Google’s Creative Lab to create a new space for digital books that couldn’t possibly live in print.

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  • Image2

    Don Quixote: Here We Go!

    27 February 2015

    We’ve been a little quiet on the surface lately. But super busy underneath it all. We kicked off February with fantastic news from Arts Council that they are supporting us in the making of our re-imagined Don Quixote.

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